For just $25, make your loved one feel known, thought of, and special today!

About Us

Recorded my first original song!

I can't wait to add a personal touch to your special day or event! Singing Telegrams!

There are so many gifts you can buy for someone.  How about buying a memory instead?  Let's create a beautiful moment that your loved one will always remember!  I'll call them, send a video or show up in person!


What's the song?

Is there a song that always brings you back, makes you feel a certain something or connects you to a time, place or person?  Let's work together to bring that to your celebration.

Imagine the moment...

They pick up the phone...wait...we know most people don't answer if it's a number not in their phone, so even better, I get to leave your gift on their voice mail!  They (and you) can listen to it anytime;

or, I customize a song just for them with your guidance of special memories, a special situation, etc.  and can send a video;

or, you've booked/chosen the place, time and date.  You pay attention to every little detail: the cake, the presents, balloons, special food, friends...  And THEN! A special song dedicated and sung directly to your loved a restaurant, at your home, in a venue...   It will be that favorite moment that brings tears to your eyes and everyone will talk about what a great night you created!

Menu / Price List

Prices will vary with length of time required to create just the right message from you to your loved one.

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Let's talk value


Things can look just about any way, so all prices are negotiable and based on the value of the service and the time and effort to create your perfect gift 

Basic Phone Call singing existing song with intro explaining the Singing Telegram, the sender and the reason for the gift.  $25*

Phone call or video created with a welcome, a message from the sender, etc and customized words to an existing song. $45*

 You want to be in the video and emcee or maybe even sing with me? *$65

I can come to your venue on your day.  We will figure out logistics and then figure out the correct pricing.

I sincerely look forward to helping you create something unforgettable!

Help me make a great start!


My goal is to create $1,000 in my first month, on or before November 14th, 2019!

Contact Us

Can't wait to hear from you and create a spectacular memory!

Very reasonable pricing based on location, time, event, song, etc. 


Pittsfield, New Hampshire, United States

(603) 833-1434

Email anytime. Call between 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Open today

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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